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This site is dedicated to non-profit and not-for-profit community events held in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Here on this site you will find events held by the various organizations and groups that keep Emmitsburg a close knit community. Originally, this sight was created for Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day, which is still a primary focus of the site, but now we will be also sharing other non-profit community events during the year as well.  Still, everything you need to know about Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day can be found by clicking on the Community Heritage Day tab.


How to navigate our menu

Learn about Emmitsburg, Community Heritage Day, the Heritage Day committee, Sights to See, and Map to get here.

Register for the parade or to be a vendor, check our biking activities, cornhole tournament and frisbee golf tournaments,  check out the schedule of events on Community Heritage Day. 

This is the tab where you will find all the upcoming events such as the Diddier Run, Lions Club Events, and many other activities. 

This is the Thank you page for our sponsors with links to their websites and pages.  Please take time to see who makes our Community Heritage Day a success. 

Please take the time to explore our events, Many will have links to register or contact the event organizers. Also provided will be printable flyers for these events. 

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